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Student Organizations

Advocates for Barrier Awareness

The Advocates for Barrier Awareness Organization promotes the needs of students with disabilities by helping students with disabilities meet their higher education goals. The organization promotes campus awareness and sensitivity to the needs of people with disabilities, supports and orients new students with disabilities to the campus environment, demonstrates the many “abilities” of people with disabilities, and works with the administration to identify and remove physical barriers for the benefit of all students. For more information about the organization, please contact Robyn Hendrix with Student Support Services at 760-4227.

Anime R Us

Anime R Us is an organization for students who share an interest in anime, a style of animation originating in Japan. Members participate in anime discussions and film screenings. Members also participate in many campus student activities, often including opportunities for cosplay. Students involved in this organization also have opportunities to travel to anime conventions. For more information about the organization, please contact Susan Millerd at 760-4163.

Arkansas Early Childhood Association (AECA)

Arkansas Early Childhood Association is the organization for students enrolled in the Child Care Guidance and Management Program. In addition, our students participate locally in HSECA (Hot Springs Early Childhood Association). The fourteen (14) southern regional states invite state and local chapters to participate in SECA (Southern Early Childhood Association).

SECA, AECA and HSECA chapters conduct training sessions throughout the year for teachers and caregivers. They collaborate with other advocacy and professional organizations devoted to the interest of young children. SECA publishes a journal, Dimensions of Early Childhood, which our students receive as part of their membership, and through which they are informed of child care concerns. Other publications and training are available. Students are invited and encouraged to participate in local and state projects. On campus, the student chapter, Child Care Student Organization, elects officers, conducts workshops, and, in general, supports the child care program. For more information about the organization, please contact Cindy Kirk at 760-4353.

Cultural Diversity Awareness Club

Purpose is to provide members and students of NPC with a better knowledge of the many cultures and heritages of our students and to make NPC aware of the needs of those students. For more information, contact Linda Franklin at 760-4132.

Mentoring Programs

National Park College offers mentoring programs for students, who may need assistance with transition into college, into employment, or have life changing events that may affect their success. Students may request the services through Student Services. The mentors are faculty and staff at NPC and activities are held on campus. For more information about the organization, please contact Suzy Still at 760-4321.

National Park College Singers/Soundwaves

NPC currently offers two choral groups for student participation, the NPC Singers and the NPC “Soundwaves.”

The “Singers” is an auditioned chorus of NPC students. This group performs a concert each fall and spring semester. They also sing for community functions. The “Soundwaves” is the newest performing group at NPC and is a select ensemble that performs mostly jazz/pop arrangements. Members of the “Soundwaves” also receive the NPC Singers scholarship. This group performs frequently throughout the year for area schools,charity benefits, and conferences. Members of these groups who are on scholarship must maintain a 2.25 GPA. For more information about the organization, please contact Denise Edds at 760-4165. 

NPC Bacchus Student Club

The BACCHUS chapter has been active on National Park College campus for more than 20 years. Each year events and activities are conducted to provide a variety of opportunities for everyone to participate in non-alcoholic and drug free fun activities. The BACCHUS Network is celebrating over thirty-five years supporting student leadership in promoting health and safety and saving students’ lives since 1975. This international organization has grown to be the largest active student organization in Higher Education today.

The BACCHUS (Boost Alcohol Consciousness Concerning the Health of University Students) Student Club events and activities raise awareness concerning healthy choices about alcohol and other drug issues. The sponsored activities and booths provide educational information, interaction and fun non-alcoholic and drug free events where participants may also win prizes. During some of the activities, the food, games and ideas shared help to provide a socially and culturally acceptable atmosphere for our diversified campus and community. For more information about the organization, please contact Student Services at 760-4232 or Counselor Catherine Wells at 760-4231.

NPC Recreation Association

This is an organization for students interested in the field of recreation and leisure activities. This organization is open to NPC students and employees interested in participating in a variety of recreational and leisure activities offered at NPC and within the surrounding area. Members will have the opportunity to participate in activities that will increase their awareness of the positive benefits of recreation and leisure activities that add to their quality of life. For more information about the organization, please contact TJ Griffith at 760-4296. 

National Technical Honor Society (NTHS)

The National Technical Honor Society is a national organization with state and local affiliations. The purpose of the National Technical Honor Society is to promote the ideals of honesty, service, leadership and skill development among America’s future workforce; to reward scholastic achievement in occupational, vocational and/or technical education; to assist society members in their pursuit of career and educational goals; and to help build and maintain a stronger, more positive image for career and technical education in the local community and throughout the nation.

Membership in this organization is available to students enrolled in career and technical programs at the secondary or post-secondary levels. Individuals are nominated based upon the following characteristics which have been observed by their instructor(s); a desire to pursue a career in his/her field of study, scholastic achievement, honesty, dependability, responsibility, high quality task performance and pride in the work performed, cooperation and ability to work well with others, interest in learning, community service, initiative, leadership and citizenship. For more information about the organization, please contact Jason Hudnell at 760-4374. 

Non-Traditional Scholars Society

The Non-traditional Scholars Society provides support to each other with open minds, a positive attitude, and a loving demeanor. NTS is a multi-cultural organization with no discrimination to race, age, gender, or religious beliefs. The organization is open to any NPC students, staff, or faculty. For more information about the organization, please contact Terry Bright at 760-4243. 

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society of the two-year college. The local chapter is Alpha Beta Psi. A student must have completed 12 or more semester hours of coursework at NPC, leading to an associate degree, and must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher. A student must be of good moral character, possess recognized qualities of leadership, and have established academic excellence as judged by the faculty. Contact the Vice President for Student Services for more information. For more information about the organization, please contact Caleb Grisham at 760-4338 ro Nannette Crane-Post at 760-4191.  

Respiratory Care Club

Students enrolled in the NPC respiratory therapy program are eligible to become members of the Student Respiratory Therapy Association. The Associations activities include fundraising, participating in community activities, promoting local, state and national respiratory care awareness. For more information about the organization, please contact Respiratory Therapy at 760-4187. 


SkillsUSA is a national organization with state and local affiliation. SkillsUSA assists students in developing leadership abilities, fostering a respect for the 
dignity of work, establishing realistic career goals, creating an enthusiasm for learning, promoting high standards, developing problem solving skills, promoting an understanding of the interdependence of labor and management, and creating an interest by all parties in career and technical education.

SkillsUSA is available to students enrolled in secondary and post-secondary programs of study. Students will have the opportunity to participate in leadership activities, community service and competitions related to the skills associated with the area of study and leadership. For more information about the organization, please contact Jason Hudnell at 760-4374. 

Student Activities Council

All students are eligible to become members of the Student Activities Council. The Council helps schedule, organize, and provide a student activity program. They make recommendations for any legislation that will improve student activities for NPC. Any student who is willing to work with student activities and become a member of the Student Activities Council should contact Ron Chesser in Student Services at 760-4230.

Student-Arkansas Education Association (S-AEA)

Student-Arkansas Education Association (S-AEA) is the professional organization for future educators. AEA is the state’s leading advocate for public education and public educators. Membership in S-AEA provides many professional development and leadership training opportunities. In addition, members are covered by a liability insurance policy, receive accidental death and dismemberment coverage, receive professional publications, option to purchase virtually all insurance policies at special members-only premiums, and receive legal services. On campus, the student chapter elects officers and supports the Education program and state organization. For more information about the organization, please contact Holly Garrett-Miller at 760-4364. 

Student Artists Guild

Students are eligible to join this organization if they are enrolled in at least one art class. The organization promotes the art program at NPC, promotes the exhibition and sale of student artwork, promotes an appreciation for the arts, and is constantly working to provide a more aesthetic atmosphere for the college and community. For more information about the organization, please contact Joseph Lauer at 760-4271. 

Student Government Association

The National Park College Student Government Association (SGA) is the chief voice representing the student body. The SGA purpose is to serve as a vital link between students and NPC administration, faculty, and staff. The SGA labors to improve the quality and value of the educational experience at NPC by acting as an advocate for student concerns. The SGA members have an opportunity to develop new leadership skills, organize service projects and student activities, meet a diversity of people, and add to their resume and portfolio. For more information about the organization, please contact Melony Ritter at 760-6410 or Samantha Christian at 760-4297. 

Student Health Information Management Association

Students may enhance their educational experience of Health Information Technology through membership in this organization. Membership is open to students enrolled at NPC, but not yet enrolled in the Health Information Technology program, honorary membership, and alumni. For more information about the organization, please contact Debby Hunt at 760-4182. 

Student Nursing Association

All students enrolled in the NPC nursing program are members of the class organization. Class organizations are active in projects that promote student success and nursing image. They also participate in community service projects and organize the Nursing Pinning ceremony. For more information about the organization, please contact PN advisor, Valerie Claarthe at 760-4283 or RN advisor Kathy McCon at 760-4306. 

Student Radiography Association

Students who are enrolled in the NPC Radiology Program are eligible to become members of the Student Radiography Association. Members will participate in fund raising, community service projects, and attend a registry review conference. They function as integral members of the health care team. For more information about the organization, please contact Debra Wilson at 760-4285.