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Do you really want to contact the webmaster or do you need Technical Support?

Are you sure you want to send an email to the Webmaster?  Despite what the title implies, the webmaster is not all knowing and is not able to reset passwords or handle any issues with registration, our Learning Management System (LMS/Blackboard), or OASIS/PeopleSoft.  Emails to the webmaster/web development office are for comments/questions about the website, design, a page not showing, or error in its content only.  I would be happy to help but I do not have access nor the permissions to give support to password resets, Blackboard or OASIS.

However, if you are having any issues with logging in, need a password reset, issues with logging in to your class, issues with OASIS/PeopleSoft, or some other computer issue then you need to contact one of the following:

Computer hardware, software, login/password issues, and support for OASIS/PeopleSoft, contact :

LMS/Blackboard related issues only regarding your classes, contact :

If you still want to contact the webmaster or web development office with website content issues or suggestions, please feel free to do so at: or post a comment.

Thank you,

--NPC Webmaster