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Research has proven that students  who are connected to and feel comfortable at an institution of higher learning  are more likely to graduate from that institution. Contrarily, students who  must rely on their own support networks are more likely to transfer or  drop-out. The NPC Mentoring Program is built on the philosophy that the  personal connection between a mentor and mentee will support student  self-advocacy leading a determined student to graduate from National Park Community  College. The positive connections that students make at the college foster the  creation of a safe and comfortable learning environment where academic  exploration and experimentation are encouraged.


The NPC Mentoring Program will establish a network of faculty and staff who volunteer to support and guide students through the college experience.The NPC Mentoring Program will foster mentoring relationships that support students' journey towards self-reliance, successful graduation, and transfer to a four-year institution or job placement.The NPC Mentoring Program will challenge students to work through personal and academic challenges--and build self-esteem and confidence through the pursuit of higher education.


The NPC Mentoring Programs intends  to help NPC Community College students feel supported by college personnel,  comfortable and safe in a welcoming learning environment, and challenged and  rewarded by successfully navigating the college process. The Program will  support the acquisition of knowledge and the journey to becoming life-long  learners.

Student's Endorsement

My experience with the Mentoring Program was so beneficial and I would recommend any student who may feel lost or overwhelmed to participate. My mentor was such a blessing when I desperately needed guidance in finding my footing at National Park College. The program gave me a safe place to turn to find direction and instruction when I felt overwhelmed. My mentor taught me to prioritize my classes and assignments while also juggling my home life of being a single mom. I was able to voice my fears and concerns to someone who had already experienced the academic challenges I was struggling with. She also showed sincere concern for my well-being and helping me to have the richest possible experience at NPC. I am so grateful I was able to utilize the Mentoring Program and am so thankful for my mentor.  ~ Kim Manning, NPC student


I most definitely recommend the Mentoring Program to anyone who feels unsure, disorganized, or just plain needs help. I happened to fall into all three of those categories, but my mentor most definitely helped calm my anxieties. As a future transfer student, my mentor found many, many scholarships available to me of which I had no awareness. She put me in touch with people on the campus who not only enriched my experience as a college student, but also helped significantly with financial aid. She was calm, thoughtful, funny, and above all excellent. I could approach her with any problem, personal or academic, and she was always extremely helpful. Every meeting was productive and I always left feeling a little more solid. ~ Justin Lee, NPC student


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Frequently Asked Questions about Mentoring (Faculty)

Mentoring Program Office            

Fisher Campus Center Building Room 217
For more information, please call: Suzy Still, Mentoring Coordinator at 501-760-4321 or email

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