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Transferring to Another Institution

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Transferring to Another Institution

Students who plan to transfer should be aware that some Arkansas colleges and universities may accept U.S. Government rather than U.S. History as a requirement for graduation. In addition, state requirements are currently being revised. Therefore, four-year institutions are revising their curricula accordingly. Most four-year colleges and universities will limit the number of transfer credits applicable to a baccalaureate degree to about 64 credits. In any case, students should check with the college or university to which they plan to transfer for these particular requirements.

Students officially admitted to one of the College's health science programs should be aware that there is a seven-year statute of limitations for all required science and mathematics courses.

For more information about transferring to another institution, please contact Phyllis Brooks at 501-760-4234.

For details about individual courses, see the catalog section on Course Descriptions.