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Certificate of Proficiency - Emergency Medical Service - Basic

The certificate of proficiency for Emergency Medical Technician - Basic is designed to train individuals to rapidly recognize, assess, and treat medical and trauma-related emergencies. It is based on guidelines from the Department of Transportation and is required of all ambulance service personnel prior to employment. This certificate serves as a prerequisite to the EMT - Intermediate and Paramedic courses. Special admission requirements apply to this program. Students must submit a Health Sciences application form and meet with the Program Director, 501-760-4158.

Core Courses - 6 Credit Hours Total

All of the following are required:

Subject Course Title Units Offered
Emergency Medical Technician 1376 Emergency Medical Technician Basic 6 Fall & Spring Semesters

6 Credit Hours Total

Courses prerequisite to another class require a minimum grade of "C" in order to advance to the next course.