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Social Sciences Division

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Homeland Security / Emergency Management Certificate Program

Social Sciences Faculty & Staff

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Social Sciences Division

Mission Statement

The Social Sciences Division endeavors to foster student learning and success in each of its disciplines. The division is devoted to applying and teaching the methods and ethics of research.

Student Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of social science courses, students should have experienced academic achievement and developed:

Description of Disciplines

Each of the social science disciplines are aimed at understanding human behavior, whether it be through an analysis of the artifacts and remains left by a past civilization or through the exploration of how the biological and chemical workings of the mind interact with environmental conditions to shape personality. The Social Sciences Division at National Park College offers college-level courses in the following disciplines:

In addition to general education courses in the social sciences, an A.A.S. degree in Criminal Justice and a Certificate of Proficiency in Homeland Security/Emergency Management are offered.

Social Sciences Faculty and Staff

Back row, left to right: Dr. Wade Derden, Susan Millerd, Carol Stonecipher, Tabatha Tuskey, Martin White, Dr. Chuck Argo.
Front row, left to right: Dana Murphy, Stephanie Coke, and Samantha Christian