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Criminal Justice

Mission Statement and Objectives

The National Park College Criminal Justice Program aims to provide quality and comprehensive academics in all areas and levels of the criminal justice field so that students partaking of the program may achieve the following learning outcomes:

• Become academically prepared for entry level positions in various criminal justice agencies and other related occupations.

• Become academically qualified to pursue baccalaureate level courses and degrees.

• Become well-informed citizens who have a realistic perception of the organization and functions of the criminal justice system as an integral component of our democratic government.

Criminal JusticeThe Criminal Justice Program consists of a minimum of 24 credit hours in 1000 and 2000 level criminal justice courses in addition to the core requirements of standard A.A.S. programs. Students completing this program also must choose 6 hours of electives, with 3 hours being in criminal justice electives. This program also requires 6 credit hours of World Civilization and U.S. History courses.

A special feature of this program is the availability of criminal justice internships in various criminal justice agencies in the state. Currently, NPC has reciprocal agreements with the following agencies where students may be placed.

Prerequisites for internship are:

1. Successful completion of Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJ1103)
2. No felony or domestic abuse convictions
3. Agency acceptance

A high percentage of criminal justice students obtain employment in the field both while they are pursuing the degree and after completion of the program. This degree serves as a solid base from which to pursue baccalaureate level courses and law school.