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Advertising and Design

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The work of graphic designers can be seen virtually everywhere one looks.  The career fields of advertising and graphic design offer a wide range of opportunities for creative personalities.   Whether sketching a layout, writing ad copy, presenting an idea to clients, or selecting an appropriate venue, graphic designers are creative problem solvers.

The mission of the Advertising and Graphic  Design program at National Park Technology Center is to guide students in an exploration of the fields of advertising and graphic design. Students will learn the steps followed in the design process allowing them to develop a solution to a design problem.  Students will learn to effectively communicate ideas and information to business and consumer audiences through various forms of graphic media including traditional and new media.

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Students will do well in Advertising and Graphic Design if they are creative and have strong communication skills.  Time management skills and self-discipline are necessary to meet project deadlines.  Students must have basic computer skills.  Ability to read and follow written instructions and ability to work independently are necessary.

Fundamentals of Advertising and Graphic Design  (AD I)

First year students will learn to apply artistic techniques to present information via illustrations and other forms of printed media.

Topics Include:

Intermediate Advertising and Graphic Design (AD II)

Instruction for second year students emphasizing the integration of computer skills and knowledge of software used in the marketplace.

Topics include:

Computer skills will be developed using industry-standard software to create design projects.  NPTC Advertising and Graphic Design students work in a Macintosh computer lab using Adobe CS4, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.  Web development and animation are included for advanced students.

Students will be required to purchase a binder and the supplies necessary to compile a student portfolio.


Advertising and Graphic Design currently has a maximum capacity of 30 students per section.  All interested students must complete a written application to be considered for enrollment. Priority for enrollment into NPTC Advertising and Graphic Design will be given to students based on the following:

1. Returning students who have successfully completed (C or better) Fundamentalsof Advertising and graphic Design and are applying for enrollment in Intermediate Advertising and Graphics Design

2. Juniors applying as Fundamentals of Advertising and Graphic Design students. Juniors are encouraged to complete two years of instruction to become      a vocational completer.    

3. Seniors applying as Fundamentals of Advertising and Graphic Design students

There are three class periods / sections available for enrollment to all students.  In the event that there are more applicants for a section than slots available, students will first be asked to choose an alternate period / section.  If a section is still over capacity, the following additional criteria will be used to determine acceptance into the program:

1. Successful completion (C or better) of Business Applications, Desktop Publishing and/or EAST.
2. Successful completion of other approved computer related or art classes.
3. Minimum GPA of 2.50.      
4. Student interview.

Final determination will be at the discretion of the instructor and the center director.

Concurrent college credit is available to students who have successfully completed two years of Advertising and Graphic Design and submit a portfolio of their work for approval.  Credit can be earned in the Communication and Arts (Graphic Design) and Business Divisions of National Park College.