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Additional information is found below to access application forms or TEAS testing information. 


The application process for students who desire to enter the Nursing Program begins in January. The application deadline for the program is the first Monday in March.  Admissions to the Nursing Program are selective.  A student who applies to the Nursing Program shall:

A. Provide the following credentials to the office of the Director:

  1. Completed nursing application; unofficial high school transcript indicating diploma or GED scores;
  2. An official transcript from each college or university must be submitted to NPC (for purposes of advising, an unofficial copy will suffice); 
  3. If other schools of nursing have been attended, the applicant is required to submit a letter of eligibility to return to the nursing school;
  4. TEAS V (Test of Essential Academic Skills) score. (Instructions to Access TEAS)
  5. Entrance scores (COMPASS, ASSET, ACT or SAT);
  6. High school seniors must submit a list of planned senior year subjects and a transcript of the first six semesters. This must be supplemented upon high school graduation with an official high school transcript.

B. Meet all the following requirements:

  1. Be a high school graduate or anticipate high school graduation or where applicable, pass the General Education Development test (GED).
  2. Have at least a 2.75 GPA in required courses at the end of the semester of application.
  3. Science courses accepted toward the Nursing Degree cannot be over seven years old at the time of entry into the nursing program.
  4. Prior to admissions to Nursing I, must have completed anatomy & physiology I, and chemistry for non-majors/Chemistry I.
  5. Attend one admissions meeting early in the Spring Semester in which admission policies and important nursing information is given. Dates and times are available by calling the Division or on the web site.
  6. For placement and participation in clinical activities: you must successfully pass a Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen Process

It is the applicant's responsibility to provide all documents in "A" and follow the procedures in "B" for their application to be considered. Enrollment requirements must be completed prior to class selection. Applicants must apply each year to be considered for the Nursing I class.

Admission Process/Selection

The admission process to the Nursing Program for Nursing I is selective based on the TEAS test results and grade point average. The applicants for the A. S. (RN) Degree are chosen using the grade point average of the general education courses that are required in the A. S. in Nursing degree plan. Priority is given to those applicants with greater than 18 hours. Candidates must score a 59.3% on the TEAS test to be eligible for consideration. Specifics of the selection criteria are discussed at information meetings and at admission meetings. Candidates will be conditionally accepted pending completion of a clear criminal background check and drug screening.


All courses required for the Nursing Program must be completed with a "C" or better. Nursing courses include a theory/classroom grade and a clinical grade. Both components of the course must be passed to progress in the program.

Degree Plan

Coursework required in the program includes 28 credits in general education and 38 credits in Nursing. Degree plan available on-line.


Students who wish to reapply for re-admission must first complete an exit interview at the time of separation from the program. Re-admission for the first semester follows the original admission process.  However, students wishing to reapply for Nursing Process II, III, IV or V must submit an application for readmission by the first Monday in October for a spring start date or the first Monday in March for a fall start date.   Students admitted and enrolled in nursing are allowed only one re-admission according to space available. Students must have a GPA of 2.5 or greater to be considered for re-admission. Students wishing to re-enter the A. S. (RN) program in Nursing 1208 or succeeding semesters must enroll within three years of previous enrollment in a nursing course. Students re-applying for admission must complete a skills performance competency evaluation which includes a math competency exam. If the student is unsuccessful in their skills competency demonstration, remediation will be required. Specific information regarding readmission, skills evaluation, and the remediation is available by contacting the Nursing Division. All students must meet the current NPC Policies for re-admission and progression.


There are several degree plan options for the entering LPN to RN student.  These include a part-time  advanced placement degree plan with a start date of fall semester, and an accelerated degree plan option with a start date of summer semester. The accelerated option requires students to have worked 1000 hours in an acute care or long term care setting over the last two years.  Information about these degree plans with admission and selection criteria is available at LPN to RN meetings, scheduled September to April. Applications for the NPC Nursing Program for the applicant who holds an LPN/LPTN license is selective. Applicants must hold a 2.75 grade point average in the courses required for the A.S. degree in Nursing,  and must score a 59.3% on the TEAS V  (Test of Essential Academic Skills) test for consideration.  Deadline to apply for the fall start is the first Monday in May and to apply for the summer class is the first Monday in February. In order for a LPN/LPTN to apply for, progress in or complete the A.S.N. degree, a requirement is that the Arkansas LPN/LPTN license be unencumbered, maintained and current.

High School to ASN Track (2 Year Plan)

This degree plan is intended to encourage high school students to pursue a nursing career. Applicants may apply in the spring of their senior year for a two year or a three year degree plan with selection based on ACT scores and high school grade point average. The majority of students select the three year option, which allows them to enroll in the general education courses for the first year, and then begin the nursing core coursework.  This allows students to complete additional general education coursework that will promote articulation to a BSN. All high school students are conditionally admitted to the nursing program. Conditions of the admission to the Nursing I course include 1) score of 59.3% on the TEAS V test (Test of Academic Essential Skills); 2) clear background and drug test and 3) successful completion of required high school or college work. Information about this degree plan with admission and specific selection criteria is available at the High School Nursing Admission Meetings, held in the spring. Deadline to apply is first Monday in March.