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Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen Process Policy

For placement and participation in clinical activities: You must successfully pass a Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen Process. Goto:

Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen Process Policy

Policy: Students/Faculty must have clear criminal background checks and drug screens to participate in placement in clinical facilities.    All participating schools and agencies agree to adhere to a standardized process for clinical instructor/student screening.

The criminal background check is not a requirement for admission to a nursing program; however, the process will be completed after an invitation for admission is received and before a clinical rotation.   Pending results of the criminal background check and drug screen, the student will be conditionally accepted into one of the Health Science/Nursing Programs. Nursing clinical instructors/students must have clear criminal background checks to participate in placement(s) in clinical facilities.Upon admission, the student will complete the criminal background form and sign the NPC Criminal Background release form.  The student must bear the cost of the prescreening requirements, and the process will require the use of an online vendor.    Students will sign a waiver and release of liability wherein the student specifically agrees to allow NPC to share the results of the background check with the clinical sites to which students will be assigned.  The student shall further agree that they understand that such information may be used to deny the student from participating in clinical rotations. Criminal background checks will be conducted through American Data Bank (private vendor) and will include:  County Criminal Record Search, Social Security Number Trace/Residential History,  Office of Inspector G (OIG), General Services Administration (GSA), Excluded Parties List System (EPLS), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) and Nationwide Sex Offender.   Criminal background checks should review a person's criminal history for seven (7) years back from the date of application to the Program.  Background checks will be obtained from a consumer reporting agency and will comply with Federal Trade Commission guidelines regarding the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Please be advised that upon graduation, employers and licensing bodies such as the Arkansas  State Board of Nursing will require state and federal background checks that allows for more rigorous review of legal documents which may impact licensure and/or employment. If the criminal background check returns with anything other than minor misdemeanors, the Criminal Background Review Committee (CBRC) will be notified.  CBRC is made up of NPC faculty and hospital agencies' members.  Please be advised that clinical instructor/students will be unable to attend clinical facilities for appropriate reasons, including but not limited to the following convictions:

MurderFelony assaultSexual offenses/sexual assault/ Registered sex offendersAbuseFelony possession and furnishing (without certificate of rehabilitation)Other felonies involving weapons and/or violent crimesClass B and Class A misdemeanor theftFelony theftFraudMisdemeanor convictions/deferred adjudication or felony convictions/deferred adjudications involving crimes against persons (physical or sexual abuse)Misdemeanor convictions/deferred adjudications related to moral turpitude (prostitution, public lewdness/exposure, etc.)Felony convictions/deferred adjudications for the sale, possession, distribution, or transfer of narcotics or controlled substances

If the student's record is not clear and the CBR committee denies access to clinical facilities, then the potential student will be denied admission.  If the clinical instructor's record is not clear, the contract for employment will be null and void.  The College will not locate or provide alternative sites for clinical rotations for students ineligible to attend clinical rotations at specified sites. The student has the right to appeal.  This appeal would allow students to obtain documentation that would demonstrate that their record is corrected and clear.  Students must notify the Division of Nursing within 72 hours of their intent to appeal.  All appeals must be held in a timely manner to expedite the admissions process.  If this is not possible, students may be considered for admissions in a future class. In the event that a student feels that an error has been made in the reporting of the criminal background check and/or drug screen, it is the student's responsibility to contact the physician and/or external vendor for a verification of the drug screen or background check at the student's own expense. The initial background check satisfies this requirement during continuous matriculation thru the program.  If the student is separated from the program from more than two years, a new background check will be required.  Division Chairs of Nursing and Health Sciences reserve the right to require the criminal background check in a lesser time, depending on the reason for separation. For clinical instructors, an absence of two years will also require a new background check.The NPC Programs will advise the clinical site of the name of the clinical instructor and a list of students assigned to their facility a minimum of 14-21 days in advance of their arrival.  A letter signed by the Division Chair and Program Director will certify that criminal background checks, drug screens, CPR cards, HIPPA training, and Health Data Forms with documentation of TB skin testing and immunization status will be sent.  Students are allowed the opportunity to sign a declination statement for Hepatitis B immunization.Enrolled students are required to disclose misdemeanor or felony convictions, other than minor traffic violations, within five business days of occurrence to the appropriate Division Chair  /Program Director.  Non-disclosure or falsification may be grounds for dismissal or degree revocation.Record keeping for the criminal background information will be confidential.  Access to these files will be available only to committee members, Division Chair and Program Directors.  Per contract with American Data Bank, all summary statements will be deleted/destroyed shortly after they are received.  Archive of the records will be by American Data Bank in a secure, off-site third-party storage facility.  Records can be retrieved in a reasonable time frame if needed.