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Web Design Technical Certificate

Graduates who complete this 30-hour credit technical certificate acquire the broad-base skills in Web development including the ability to create, edit, optimize, manage, and secure a Web presence effectively. This program will benefit anyone who wishes to develop an understanding of nearly every facet of Web development. Courses include classes in applications and software programs needed to develop media such as text, graphics, and animation, as well as web site server security. Graduates of this certificate are prepared for positions in businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations that require service, support, and development for the World Wide Web.

Some courses in this program may not transfer to all senior institutions. Students who plan to transfer to a senior institution are strongly advised to correspond with the institution to which they plan to transfer.

 View the course requirements in the Web Design Technical Certificate.

For more information about NPC's Web Design Program, contact Linda Reis at or 501-760-4254.