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8.110 Use of College Facilities by Outside Groups

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8.110 Use of College Facilities by Outside Groups

Policy Number: 8.110 

Subject: Use of College Facilities by Outside Groups

Date Adopted: Revised August 25, 2005, Revised January 25, 2012, Revised January 22, 2014

The Board of Trustees welcomes requests from outside groups for the use of College facilities to further the educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the community. The Vice President for Financial Affairs is responsible for any monetary concerns, rents, insurance or other financial arrangements involved in the use of facilities.

Fees are charged by the College to cover minimum maintenance, security, and utility costs incurred through the use of the College facilities by community groups. The fees will vary according to the nature of use, the facilities and/or equipment needed, arrangement of facilities, and College employees needed to assist with facilities and equipment. Events scheduled after regular hours could require additional charges. These fees are set so that direct costs to the College for community use of facilities will be recovered.

Any exceptions to this procedure must be approved by the President. Requests will meet the following criteria:

  1. Groups, organizations, clubs or other interested parties should be non-profit or educational professional or philanthropic or civic in nature. The use of facilities by such groups must be for events, meetings or purposes that are educational, cultural or recreational in design, purpose and fact.
  2. All organizations and/or individuals must complete a signed facilities use contract with the College to confirm a date. The College shall determine whether facilities are available and if the proposed use of such facilities is in keeping with College policy. Completion of the contract must be done in advance of the event and the payment of fees must be received prior to or on the day of the scheduled event.
  3. The user assumes, in advance, full responsibility for any misuse or damage to the facilities, and if deemed necessary, insurance coverage for programs, events, meetings or other uses. Any clean-up needed, following completion of use by outside groups, is the responsibility of the user and additional charges and/or fees will be billed accordingly by the Vice President for Financial Affairs, if necessary.
  4. The user should understand that the College, including the campus, facilities and property, is owned by National Park Community College. Use of the facilities and property must be made in full compliance with existing local, state, and federal laws. No tobacco use is allowed in any building. Alcoholic beverage possession is prohibited anywhere on campus.
  5. Any activity, proposed or planned by any group or organization which is not in full and complete keeping, in both spirit and fact, with the Board of Trustees Affirmative Action Policies (See Section 1.100) shall not be permitted.
  6. The user shall indemnify and hold and save National Park Community College harmless for any and all claims, demands, suits, etc., that may arise by reason of any act of the renting organization during the course of this contract, whether or not it was caused by the renting organization's negligence.
  7. Under no circumstances will the capacity of any part of the facility be exceeded. For facility use, see the attached NPC Event Planning Form and NPC Facility Fees schedule.

Download Event Planning Form

(Any exceptions to this procedure must be approved by the President)