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Policy Number: 5.720 

Subject: Sabbatical Leave

Date Adopted: January 1, 1991

The purpose of sabbatical leave is to give full-time, contractual faculty and administrators the opportunity to secure additional formal education or professional experiences which will enable them to meet their assigned duties, as listed in this policy manual, with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Due to the extent of their formal education, staff members with a doctoral degree are not eligible for a sabbatical leave request. However, they are encouraged to explore alternative professional development opportunities with their supervisor, which may be up to 12 months in duration.

The Board of Trustees may grant a sabbatical leave to other staff members if funds are available and the following conditions are met:

  1. A full-time instructor or administrator, after five consecutive years of employment by the College, may apply for one academic year's leave. An alternate arrangement may be an aggregate of 10 semesters of actual service, including summers, without having been granted a sabbatical leave. When granted, compensations shall be one-half of the individual's base salary for that year. Or, an eligible instructor or administrator, after ten consecutive years of employment with the college, may apply for one academic year's leave and when granted, compensation shall be the full base salary for that academic year.
  2. Application for sabbatical leave requires that a comprehensive plan and personal letter of request be submitted to the Vice President for Instruction and to the President between January 1 and January 15 of the year preceding request for leave. The application must be delivered to both the Vice President for Instruction and the President by 4:00 p.m. on January 15, or Friday prior to January 15, (if that date falls on a Saturday or Sunday) to be considered. The President will submit all eligible applications to the Board of Trustees for consideration. Notification of approval or rejection will be provided by the Board of Trustees no later than April 1 of the year preceding the leave.
  3. The Vice President for Instruction and the President must have certified to the College Board of Trustees that a competent faculty/administrative replacement has been found to cover the sabbatical period.
  4. Funds to cover the cost of the sabbatical are available.
  5. The number of sabbaticals approved by the Board of Trustees does not exceed five percent, rounded to the next whole number, of the number of full-time equivalent faculty positions allocated to the College for the academic year preceding the application, or one which is greater. No more than one administrative sabbatical may be considered in an academic year. In the case of faculty, if the number of applications exceeds 5% of the FTE instructional faculty positions for the previous year, approval will be granted to those faculty with the greatest amount of continuous years of full-time service without having been granted a sabbatical leave. In the case of a tie, a selection will be made by lot, with the Secretary of the Board of Trustees drawing.
  6. Faculty on sabbatical leave may accept scholarships, fellowships, grants or employment providing experience which clearly serves the purpose of the sabbatical leave. Where additional graduate study is approved it shall be in a recognized institution of higher education, which is accredited by the regional accrediting agency, and enrollment in courses shall be related to assigned duties at National Park Community College.
  7. Time spent on sabbatical leave is counted as continuous service at National Park Community College for all pay, advancement, and benefit purposes.
  8. Staff who receive a sabbatical leave are required to return to National Park Community College for a minimum of at least two complete academic years of service. Staff who fail to honor this commitment will be required to repay National Park Community College the salary paid by the College during the sabbatical leave. The repayment process must be completed and certified by the Vice President for Financial Affairs, the President, and the Board of Trustees no later than the beginning of the academic semester in which they were obligated to return to the College.
  9. Credit for service at Garland County Community College begins Fall of 1973.